Engaging All Students Community Forum

The heart of the Engaging All Students community is the Forum where educators have an opportunity to seek support, find resources and interact with colleagues on important issues. Topics will focus on pedagogies to challenge all students so that every one values maths and finds mathematical success regardless of their background and previous learning experiences.

The Engaging All Students community is lead by Connect with Maths Community Leaders who are experienced educators. They wish to join with members to exchange ideas and strategies to get the most of meeting the demands in this important area.  Community Leaders provide mentoring, advice, lead professional learning events and contribute relevant resources.

Forum discussions may emanate from a "Starting Point" highlighted on the community home page or may be any information raised by any member in the Forum. Professional engagement can highlight the various needs of students of mathematics in a differentiated classroom and beyond the classroom to enable our young people to pursue study, career and life success.

Professional engagement is a requirement of all in the teaching profession. We hope that all educators will find this community valuable in meeting this requirement as one way to build professional knowledge and practice and become confident as active members of this community.

Engaging All Students Launch

The Engaging All Students community launch is scheduled for Wednesday 19 November, 2014. As a profession we all agree that all students are entitled to engaging learning programs drawn from a challenging curriculum that addresses their individual learning needs. Join us and start this new Connect with Maths community.



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The Engaging All Students community is an umbrella community who share ideas about pedagogies to challenge students to engage in deep learning. There is a focus on personalised and differentiated learning with goals to cater  for the diversity of students who come from different backgrounds and learning experiences. We all know that within one class of students the range of  skills and mathematical understanding can vary. The challenges that students face in learning are matched by those facing teachers in their efforts to plan and design curriculum that can provide extension and support for all learners in the classroom.

Catering for Diversity

Members of this community will  support each other in developing strategies and challenging mathematics curriculum for all students who include

  • English as an added language or dialect students
  • High achievers and gifted students
  • Students who have special needs and
  • Students at risk in keeping up with their learning

Community Leaders

Community Leadership and active input by its members are the essentials of an effective online community. This community comprises educators who wish to advance differentiated and personalised teaching through professional conversations and providing resources helpful in building the knowledge, understanding and practice of mathematics teaching.

Community Leaders contribute by leading activities in the community program. The Engaging All Students community hub is the Forum. Community Leaders initiate a topic for discussion, provide a resource for review or illustrate examples of best practice. The community members can respond and determine the nature of the activity that is relevant and valuable to them. An effective online community has a diversity of member expertise, experience and perspectives.

So a Community Leader can be anyone who wishes to initiate or support achievements or pathways which advance the teaching of mathematics.

Interested in being a Community Leader but would like further information about what you can offer? Contact the team at Connect with Maths Your community needs you :-)