High Achieving, Talented and Gifted

High Achieving, Talented and Gifted

High Achieving, Talented and Gifted  students can be located anywhere in Australia and are from all backgrounds. They include Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders and English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners, children and young people who experience educational disadvantage and those who have a physical or learning disability.

Gifted and Talented individuals possess outstanding natural intellectual, physical, creative or social abilities. Importantly, they may or may not be high achievers – students may have outstanding potential but be disengaged and under-achieving. While all gifted individuals have the potential to perform at a significantly higher level than their age-peers, their level of ability may be considered on a scale of mildly to extremely gifted according to the Gagné model (2004).

High Achieving individuals are those who demonstrate outstanding mastery of systematically developed knowledge and skills in one or more areas. They typically develop these competencies through practice and are usually highly motivated and persistent in their endeavours. (Gagné, 2004)

High Achieving, Talented and Gifted students have outstanding potential or ability in one or more of a wide range of areas, such as literacy, mathematics, sport, music, visual and performing arts, a vocational area or leadership. While their ability is exceptional, gifted and talented students need to be encouraged, challenged and inspired if they are to reach their potential. The Engaging All Students community provides support for teachers wishing to extend the more gifted and high achieving students in mathematics.


For the many students with abilities for high performance in mathematics there are a number of competitions Australia wide:

ACT Australian Mathematics Trust
The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians managed by the AMT targets the top 10 per cent of primary students in Years 5 and 6, and secondary students in Years 7 to 10. Although it is directed at all students in this category, it may be particularly useful in schools where teachers may be working in isolation and have a handful of talented students spread out over a number of classes.
VIC Maths Talent Contest
This is a contest for Primary and secondary students in Victoria and Tasmania managed by the Mathematicial Association of Victoria, MAV Winner enter the Asia Pacific Awards.
ACT National Mathematics summer  School
A two-week residential school held each year at the Australian National University. ANU It is a wonderful opportunity for selected students to mix with a talented group of around eighty students from all states and territories who have just completed Year 11 or 12.
QLD Mathematics Team Challenge Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT)
The competition involves primary and secondary  teams and relay components whereby students solve mathematical problems as teams of five students. The relay component involves students solving 20 problems by consecutive team members.
QLD Pacific Coal QAMT Year 8 Mathematics Quiz
Schools may enter a team of three students. Students solve mathematical problems ranging from mental arithmetic, history of mathematics, estimation and problem solving.
QLD QAMT and UQ Problem Solving Competition
The annual competition is organised by the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers and University of Queensland Mathematics Faculty. The paper lasts for two hours and prizes are awarded to students.
VIC Ford Maths Talent Quest - MAV
A project based mathematics competition for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary,  open to all students in Victoria. Selected winning entries forwarded to National competition. Projects can be in the form of models, posters, games, technology (CDs, videos, web sites, etc). The topic is open so have fun! MTQ aims to promote interest in and increase awareness of mathematics amongst students, teachers and parents. Information on web site, also sent to schools.
WA Maths Talent Quest MAWA
Math Talent Quest ('MTQ') aims to involve students of all ability levels in a cooperative and enjoyable mathematics project activity. The MTQ is a State competition and some of the winners go forward to the National Maths Talent Quest held in a different State capital each year.
NSW Investigating Mathematics MANSW
Investigating Mathematics competition involves students in depth investigations of a mathematical challenge. Students demonstrate their abilities through documenting mathematical processes to resolve a challenge.