The Resource section provides support documents to teach Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and Diversity to all students, regardless of their backgrounds and learning experiences. These will include curriculum documents, weblinks, the high quality NRICH resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics (tba) and those relating to lesson activities relevant to the Engaging All Students community.

We welcome resources to build the knowledge bank of the community.  Members can share the resources in two ways: either by providing a weblink in the Forum area of the community website, or by sending the resource electronically to the Connect with Maths team at 

Resources may be of the following file types:

  • video, preferably an mpg, wmv, quicktime
  • podcast
  • suitable graphic with description
  • photos (check permissions if students are involved)
  • word document
  • pdf
  • weblinks (could be Slideshare, YouTube, an online application such as a relevant blog and so on)
  • ppt
  • webinar (this would need to be translated into an mpg file for easy access by community members)

Resources can include:

  • a Starting Point (see Home Page)
  • illustration of practice
  • narrative of success with students
  • lesson activities
  • student exemplars
  • illustration of a teacher professional standard
  • topic for a Starting Point
  • research
  • a presentation


The Curriculum section of the Engaging All Students community comprises essential foundation documents for teaching and learning in the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and Diversity advice.


Weblinks are contributed by the community with a focus on all areas relevant to the Engaging All Students community. Community members share weblinks that they have found valuable to build their professional knowledge and practices in teaching students from diverse backgrounds and learning experiences. The following are categories of web resources for this community. We welcome community members adding further categories.


NRICH is a project which aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners and build the capacity of teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice.

Engaging Activities

Engaging Activities will be contributed by community members, these activities will  represent high quality exemplars and showcase activities that include best practices pedagogies for active, differentiated and authentic learning.

Teaching Standards

The Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leaders' (AITSL) Professional Teaching Standards and the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) Standards for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics  are both important to teachers frameworks in considering professional engagement and focus of the Engaging All Students community.