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Snakes on the Rocks


This is the story of a lesson used with children towards the end of foundation or during Grade 1. I have used it with both. It is a lesson in which all the children could participate but the following work task allowed for the differentiation in their learning. I have used it with both

Flexible Thinking


One of the most important aims of learning mathematics is for the students to develop a positive attitude to this important learning area. The role of the teacher is very important in establishing this in their students

Cat Ransom

Starting Point


Your elderly neighbour has just approached you for help.  She is upset.  Her cat, of whom she is very fond, has disappeared.  She has received a ransom note asking for $1000000 in circulated $5 notes.  She only has a few hundred dollars but wants her cat back and is asking for your help.

She has the idea of cutting paper to the right size and putting it in bundles with a $5 note on top of each.  Can you help her get it all ready?

The big question is how big will the bag need to be to carry it all to the ransom drop?  And How heavy will it be