What is Community?

Essentials of an effective online community

This community comprises of educators who wish to advance the teaching of all students regardless of their previous mathematics learning experiences and diverse backgrounds. Community members are encouraged through professional conversations in the Forum to  provide resources helpful in building the knowledge, understanding and practice of the teaching mathematics in this area.

An effective online community has a diversity of member expertise, experience and perspectives. The Engaging All Students community hub is the Forum. Any member can initiate a topic for discussion, provide a resource for review or illustrate examples of best practice. Community members will respond and determine the nature of the activity that is relevant and valuable.

Roger Edmonds recently provided a professional learning session to Connect with Maths Community Leaders about developing effective communities.

Developing Effective Online Educational Communities




How do I join the Engaging All Students community?

Here are some steps to help you join the Engaging All Students community. The AAMT system will recognise you as a Connect with Maths member if you have already joined the Maths in Action or Early Years Learning in Mathematics community so you can use the same username and password. The Login or Register page allows you to perform both actions, that is, to register to the Engaging All Students community or each time you return to login to the community.

What are the benefits of joining and participating in a community?

The Connect with Maths project commenced with aspirations that a community of educators could achieve more than an individual on their own. This community aims to build teacher capacity in order to advance the teaching and learning of mathematics. This can be achieved together in a user-friendly online environment where there were no barriers of  access, time and location.