Blackboard Collaborate allows all Connect with Maths members to access online web conferencing tool to collaborate with educators across Australia and globally. Members can participate in live interactive sessions on any mobile device, that is, access by a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone on any platform using Apple IOS, Android or Microsoft platform.

Instructions for community members to prepare and attend the event

Step 1

Click on the Blackboard Collaborate link provided to a registrant. Each webinar event has a unique sessions number. An example follows. 


It is best to login in enough time to ensure that you are ready before the session starts.

Step 2

For first time users of Blackboard Collaborate once the link is clicked an activation of the software will download onto the computer. This may take up to 5 minutes.

Step 3

Once the interface opens you are requested to key in the name you wish to use for the session

BC login

Step 4

The conferencing interface will then open up and you are ready for your session. Further instructions about the Blackboard Collaborate can be found here.


All Connect with Maths webinars are recorded and accessed in the Learning area of the Engaging All Students community.

Please provide feedback via the survey form offered at the end of the session. This response helps to guide future events and improve on practice.